Solar power plants

Mini solar power plants

Solar power plants are the future of energy generation.

Solar power plant maintenance

SOLALU aluminum solar mounting system

Years of experience in fixing solar power plants on different types of surfaces led us to the development of our own modular mounting system, which responds to the needs of the most demanding construction of solar power plants.
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Solar power plants are the future of energy generation. We are one of the largest, professional and trust worthy partners in the field of solar power plant construction in Slovenia. Our aim is to build a complete system in the field of photovoltaic with the emphasis on quality, as we only install the highest quality materials from world-renowned producers..

Our solar power plants give our investors the highest return on investment, lower the risk and ensure effective operation for at least 30 years. We built over 80 solar power plants with total power over 15 megawatts (MW).

We cooperate with selected global solar modules manufacturers, such as REC, Mage, Trina Solar and with leading inverters manufacturers, such as SMA and DiehlAKo. We also developed our own aluminum support structures for attaching solar power plants, therefore we can offer you a variety of solutions at affordable prices. We are also a full members of the Slovenian photovoltaic industry association.